A Conversation With Sisterhood Project.

micMark-XtremetodayApril 26, 2022 39

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    A Conversation With Sisterhood Project. Mark-Xtreme

‘GARDEN OF DELIGHTS’ OUT NOW! ‘Garden Of Delights’, album an ode to the nature and feminism. Inspired by Bosch’s painting, the third album of Sisterhood Project is experimental, asymmetrical, modern and melodious.

The music of Sisterhood Project is a velvet hand in an iron glove. Marie and Doo met in 2018 to found the project, and began to work on the writing of their first album “Sisterhood”: portraits and stories of women as diverse as the musical styles explored (jazz, trip-hop, rap, rock). They then released an EP in 2020 “Brotherhood”. They have just finished the creation of their third album: “Garden of Delights”, a still feminist work that invites union and sharing.


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