Hey, latest research has confirmed that African music is very unique and so inspirational.  That’s one reason  we chose to put a special show to play you African music with he most cool DJ effects. Thats the Afromix  with DJ Nick

Sports Tornado is an all round sports shows that seeks to deliver well researched content of all that is happening in the sports world. It covers all major sports from around the world.

Sports Tornado is presented by Peter Symon Magunga.

The Plug
Hosted by Rodrizzy , The Plug is a well streamlined show that gives you the latest news from the entertainment and technology world.

It also profiles your celebrities wit exclusives from them.

There are several countdown shows all over but none of them delivers what we deliver!

The Ultimate Intercontinental Countdown(UIC)  is a show that compiles your weekly top 15 songs from all major regions of the world! Doesn’t that sound cool?

One reason it is weekly, is because we need to do enough of research so as to come up with a very fair and balanced list.

The show is hosted by Jiame

We have several other programmes and sessions on EJazz radio. Among some of these is Fact file, Health tips and Fitness Tips among others. Do no hesitate to drop us feedback. We shall be glad to receive it.


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